Whether you’re new to HubSpot and need help getting started or are an experienced marketing team that needs an extra set of hands, we’ll help you squeeze every last drop of value out of your HubSpot investment.

Risa Edelstein
Risa Edelstein

“It has been a great experience working with Horseshoe + co. these past few months. We had been looking for a partner to help us with both our strategic goals and day to day tactics and have been extremely pleased by the expertise Andrea and her team bring to the table. They are responsive, flexible…

Dan Redman
Dan Redman

“They did an excellent job with our audit. Very thorough and comprehensive, much more than I was expecting. They were also very cooperative in working around busy schedules and changes. We really ended up with key objectives for moving forward and to budget around. Our intention is to use them for executing on that plan…

Allen Graves
Allen Graves

“Thank goodness we found Horseshoe + co! They quickly organized and configured HubSpot to work efficiently with our company processes and continue to shine as our marketing automation and inbound marketing go-to. They have an amazing ability to explain everything in a way that is very easy to understand – BONUS! Horseshoe is a highly…

Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio

“Andrea and the Horseshoe + co team have been absolute rockstars. Across the technical and creative spectrums of working with our brand on this project and others, they simply get it. Andrea was hugely helpful in our migration from another marketing automation platform to Hubspot, instrumental in organizing our data and lead workflows, the content…

Excellent results with Horseshoe + co.

“Working with Horseshoe + co. and Andrea was and is a pleasure. She is a wealth of HubSpot knowledge and know-how, and has provided some very creative ideas around our marketing and sales operations teams getting the biggest value out of our HubSpot investment. Could not recommend any higher!” Steve Wheeler, Apervita, Inc. June 10,…

Professional, personable and an expert in Hubspot

“Andrea is a very capable Hubspot partner that you can rely on. She is very knowledgeable about Hubspot features and understands the right ways to use these features depending on the needs of her client. Her turnaround time is usually quite quick and her communication skills are excellent.” Rema Deo, HCISPP, CISM, 24By7Security, Inc February…

About Horseshoe + Co

We help you generate leads using HubSpot

HubSpot is THE premier inbound marketing automation platform. When combined with the latest digital marketing tactics, HubSpot will exponentially increase your leads and nurture them along the journey to becoming a loyal customer. 

HubSpot is easy to use, BUT you do have to learn how to use it. 

HubSpot set up can take hours or days and hundreds of steps. It takes time to master HubSpot’s ever-evolving feature set. 

We help businesses master HubSpot. Horseshoe + co. can teach you how to use the tool yourself with HubSpot Training. We can help you onboard your new HubSpot investment and then provide HubSpot Management. Finally, we can help you create and execute a custom HubSpot Strategy to generate leads. 

Whatever your HubSpot needs are, we are your one-stop HubSpot shop.


Andrea Moxham


Andrea Moxham revels in the details of inbound marketing. Her single goal: harness the power of inbound marketing for businesses. When not unearthing new ways to help her clients, she’s cuddling her baby girl and trying to convince her husband to get some goats for the farm where they live. She welcomes your questions.

Why Choose Horseshoe + Co?

We’re experts who love HubSpot, marketing, and seeing our customers succeed. We focus on your HubSpot strategy and implementation; you focus on your business!

  • We focus on HubSpot.

    There are dozens of automation tools, we believe HubSpot is the best (and we’re a Platinum Partner, and proud of it!).

  • We care about your success.

    We don’t paint-by-numbers. Every business is unique and we create unique solutions for you. And, selfishly, if you don’t succeed, you won’t hire us again!

  • We’re nice.

    Life’s too short to work with unpleasant people. We’re serious, but always enjoy ourselves.

  • You deserve a break.

    Many of our customers are small teams of marketers or marketers who juggle multiple roles (like owner). It’s hard enough to do your day job, much less marketing. Let us handle (or supplement) your marketing, you put your feet up for a while and get a nap in.

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Whats With The Name?

We don’t think this is weird, but our house is decorated in horseshoes. They’re attractive. They’re good luck. And when we were thinking up a name for the company, we realized they make a good analogy for marketing.

Fitting horseshoes requires assessing the hooves, custom-fitting appropriate shoes, and applying remedial corrections from there as needed. Inbound marketing requires understanding the customer, creating a message that resonates, and constantly adjusting for the best fit.

But, mostly, we just like horseshoes. 

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